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Builder Opportunities

Excellent opportunities exist for skilled builders within the Pzazz Building Affiliate Network. As we grow we are always looking for experienced builders. Our 15+ years of operating our NZ wide network has led us to the view that only about 20% of the people who call themselves builders are skilled or suited to work in the highly rewarding home renovation industry - are you one of them?

Excellent opportunities for
skilled builders

As we grow we are always looking for experienced builders

Our experience has led us to believe that of all the people in the building industry only 20% have the skills and expertise to work in the highly rewarding renovation industry. As such we value each of our employees and enjoy what they bring to our business and our customers.

At Pzazz Building we carry out design led home renovations using the best resources available. As they say you can't bake a great cake with rotten eggs and we believe you can't complete a great renovation without skilled renovation builders. You will be self-motivated and a problem solver able to complete and manage projects inclusive of co-ordinating with the sub trades on the job.

So if you think you have what it takes and would like to work on exciting and varied projects then please complete the adjacent form or send your brief CV to info(at)pzazz.co.nz and we will be in touch.

Pzazz Builder opportunities