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These images look real, don’t they?

They illustrate the photo-realistic effects that can be produced with Pzazz Building’s 3D Design Modelling – an option that’s now available to every Pzazz Building client.

Exclusive to Pzazz Building, this new service is set to revolutionise the renovation industry by bringing your design to life, step by step, giving you complete control of the process and enabling us, together, to visualise and refine your design concept until you are 100% comfortable with it. Only then will we proceed to the next step.

Through the magic of 3D virtual reality, our vision is to take the guesswork and risk out of renovating or adding to what is probably your biggest asset – your home.


Start with concept sketches

Before you go to the $5,000 - $20,000+ expense of having working plans prepared, you‘ll want  computer- generated concept sketches so you can visualise your renovation design and work with us to make sure that what you see is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

Following our discussion with you, we will prepare beautiful photo-realistic digital Concept Sketches in readiness for the next step – the creation of your Budget Estimate and exclusive 3D Walk Through Video.


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Save thousands with a written Budget Estimate

“I didn’t realise it was going to cost that much!”

You’ve probably heard about home owners who’ve gone to the expense of full working plans, only to have the builder’s quote come in way over their budget.

You can avoid that “Shock! Horror!” moment completely with a Budget Estimate from Pzazz Building before you go to any major expense. Because our digital Concept Sketches are so detailed and accurate, we’re able to produce a comprehensive Budget Estimate to confirm that your intended project fits within your budget.

And if the Estimate happens to be outside your budget, that’s no problem. You’ll have the opportunity to go through the Concept with your Pzazz Builder, sharing expert advice and making any alterations required to bring your project within your budget.

Save even more with your 3D Walk Through Video

“I didn’t think it was going to look like that!”

All builders dread hearing those words from clients part-way through construction. Not only because it usually means they have to undo and rebuild what they have already started, but because it also means greater costs for their clients.

Our 3D Walk Through Video changes all that forever. By allowing you to view and experience your re-imagined rooms from different angles and perspectives, your Video will let you see immediately what you like and don’t like, and what works and doesn’t work. You and your Pzazz Designer/Builder will then be able to refine and perfect the design and cost so you know exactly what you are getting.

You might expect a sophisticated service such as Pzazz 3D Design Modelling to cost 1000’s of dollars. But as part of our commitment to providing you with the best value, we’ve kept the cost to a minimum – $350 for a simple or small renovation through to around $1500 for a complex renovation, home extension or new home.

Open plan living / Bathroom and Kitchen renovations / house recladding / Home extensions / decks / attics / new home builds



Take the guesswork and risk out of renovation

Until now, home renovations and extensions could be a risky business because you were never really sure that what you thought you were going to get – both in terms of design and price – was what you would actually get.

Now we’ve changed all that with the Pzazz 5-Step Renovation Process. The process designed not only to make your design and plans come alive, but to give you the total protection of your local Pzazz Builder’s:

  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Expert Project Management
  • 10-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee