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Support Team

Part of our building teams around the country being able to provide you with the latest innovations, great service and a cost effective delivery is our central support office and the team members charged with ensuring nothing stands in the way of you having a great experience when working with Pzazz Building. These are a small but energised team of people who are passionate about creating great living spaces.

Russell Poole: Managing Director

Development of our franchisee's through coaching and leadership is a key component of our business strategy and Russell takes a lead role in this area. Additionally with the other members of the support team we are always looking to be the market leader in ensuring both our franchisee's and their customers have access to the best information and products to ensure the best outcomes in the work that we do. Making living spaces come alive is our vision and all business decisions are made with this in mind to ensure we grow our group of delighted customers.

Angela Sayring: Systems Developer/Administrator

Pzazz's commitment to developing best-practice systems stems from the conviction that technology leadership will not only provide the franchise with a competitive edge in the market but will streamline and take cost out of Franchise Owner's businesses and reduce the risks of being in business. This in turn enables our Franchisee's to offer exceptional service and value to their customers.

Pzazz has developed an end to end business support system using a new generation web-based platform called ActionStep ( which we have named FIMS. FIMS provides everything that Franchise Owners need to help them operate their businesses in one application, and handles everything from initial customer contact through to accounting and payroll. Angela is continuously looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our businesses 'back office' to provide our customers with the best value and most efficient service possible.

A significant amount of interaction with our potential and current customers occurs via our web site. Angela leads the development of this resource where we look to provide useful information to assist home owners in their knowledge and choices when remodelling their homes.

Alyson Ballinger: Office Manager

No business operates successfully without an efficient and effective Office Manager and we are fortunate to have in our team a person with genuine empathy to peoples needs and a commitment to getting things sorted. Since 2008 Aly has been our go to person to get things done and keep our office running smoothly - long may this continue.

In addition, Pzazz works with a network of professionals whose role it is to provide expertise and support to Pzazz Franchise Owners which supplements the Franchise Support Office team in specialist areas of the business such as marketing, banking and insurance.

Kieran Whitmore - Design, 3D Video & Estimating

Pzazz is committed to our customers having a great experience and achieving renovation outcomes that deliver living spaces that enhance their lives.

The initial focus of the role is to work with our network members and their customers to create initial design concepts and once these have been fully developed produce rendered stills plus a 3D Video walk through of the proposed renovation to enable the customer to experience what the completed project will look and feel like.  From there Kieran works with your local Pzazz Building owner to develop a budget estimate for the project.