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Bathroom Renovation Planning Guide

Had it with your bathroom? Renovating it could be the best investment you’ve ever made, not only in terms of its style and functionality, but also the value it will add to your home. Here are some tips and inspirations to get you started.

Bathroom renovation planning guide

The first thing to think about is: What exactly is wrong with your bathroom? Is it too small? Taking out your old-fashioned shower cubicle and replacing it with an open wet-area shower can provide the illusion of space without having to expand your bathroom. These kinds of showers are safer and more accessible, too.



Bathroom renovation planning guide

Is your bathroom too tired? Spice it up with sculpture, art and different textures. This stunning bathroom combines the warmth of timber and the natural environment outside with the coolness of stone, ceramics and manmade surfaces. As my old art teacher would say: “There’s a lot going on in this picture.”



Bathroom renovation planning guide

Is your bathroom too dark, but you don’t want to open up a wall to the outside as in the previous bathroom? Think about bigger windows with privacy glass or open up to the sky with a skylight. Better electric lighting, lighter colours, reflective surfaces and mirrors can work wonders, too.



Bathroom renovation planning guide

Perhaps your bathroom is too damp? This bathroom is small with no windows for natural ventilation, but stays warm and dry with its combination of effective fan venting, underfloor heating, non-absorbent surfaces and open space where steam and moisture can’t collect and create mould.



Bathroom renovation planning guide

Got an older home and not sure of which bathroom style to choose? Or has your bathroom been “modernised” with no consideration for the rest of the home’s style? Sure, plenty of older homes have contemporary bathrooms. But there’s nothing like a traditional bathroom with modern accoutrements such as effective ventilation, heating and lighting.



Bathroom renovation planning guide

Does your bathroom fail to reflect your personality and flair? Most do. But who says a bathroom has to be bland and characterless? If you’re the artistic or theatrical type, this red bathroom with its love seat and chandelier might be perfect for you. Let’s get creative!


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