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Bathrooms with a little luxury in mind

These days the bathroom, or at least one of them as that's the first change as there are now an average of 2 ½ bathrooms in every new home being built, is no longer just a place to get clean. Let's face it we work hard today, whether that being in paid work or raising a family in todays complicated world. So you deserve a little pampering. Whether that be a two person walk in tiled shower, a deep spa bath, an intimate setting or so much more you are free to decide. Our experience has shown that there is no limit to the possibilities with a combination of stunning new products and innovative design. At Pzazz we pride ourselves on understanding your needs and wants and delivery you a stunning outcome.

Alberto Manguel’s private library, South of the Loire Valley, France

No longer are bathrooms all hidden and out of sight but have become a focal point of the home. Gone are small high windows and instead rooms with a view are the vogue, not to mention themes from Japanese bath houses to Indoor/outdoor spaces. There is no longer a need to travel to a spa or exotic hotel to pamper yourself and be ready for life's challenges.

Bring the outdoors inside

Greenery is just as beautiful in the bathroom as it is in any other part of the house. In these examples we see how the bath sits outside the main structure yet through the clever use of glass remains 'connected' to the rest of the bathroom. What could be more relaxing and refreshing than a long soak in the bath enjoying a book or a cool drink whilst enjoying the feeling of fresh air.

Stay indoors, enjoy the view

For those who prefer art to stay inside but enjoy looking out then these examples of a built in bath and a full size window might just do the job.

The owners also chose to have additional small, but comfortable, furniture to allow the space to be used as a sanctuary whilst still fulfilling it's duties as a bathroom.

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Walk in showers

Showers have come a long way over the last 5-10 years. First we moved from claustrophobic cubicles with plastic grime inducing joiners and hard to clean 3 panel doors or floral curtains to purpose made cubicle showers of standardised shapes and sizes. Today the use of tiles, glass panels and level floors allow us to make and place showers as our imagination wants whilst at the same time making the room feel and look spacious.