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Clever ideas for renovating a small bathroom

Imagine being able to renovate your bathroom with whatever takes your fancy. Then come crashing back down as you realise your bathroom is too small to fit everything in. RELAX! Renovating your small bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams is achievable!

The biggest obstacle when renovating your bathroom, is that you must work with what you’ve got. That means heading into the job with no preconceived ideas or unachievable ideas. Instead, you make it work with the space you have, your needs and your decorating choices. It’s all easily achievable by using some of these clever ideas…


Floating Bathroom Furniture

Articles - Bathroom ideas for small spaces

A huge advantage with floating vanities, toilets and shelving is that some of the units will recess into the wall cavity. While the space it gives you back may only be a few centimetres, it is space you would not have otherwise had.  



Bathroom Shelving

Articles - Bathroom ideas for small spaces

Storage is important in your bathroom and there is no reason why a small bathroom needs to miss out. Pop up some shelves in those awkward or hard to fill corners. Beside the toilet is a great place to have narrow shelving which can hold towels, flannels or even toilet paper.



Install Pedestal Basins

Articles - Bathroom ideas for small spaces

Slightly old fashioned, but pedestal basins are all the rage nowadays. They will give you back some much-needed floor space. Perfect for when space is more important than storage.



Add Storage

Articles - Bathroom ideas for small spaces

Bathroom storage is always handy and the wall above your toilet is a great place for it. Install a fixed on wall or recessed cupboard unit above your toilet.



Head Outside

Articles - Bathroom ideas for small spaces

There is nothing to say that you can’t take some of your bathroom fixtures out of the room! A clever idea to ‘fit’ more in your small bathroom is to use the area directly out of the bathroom’s door. Having a custom-built seat, shelves or cupboards out of your bathroom will give you more space inside it for the shower, basin and toilet!



Decorate with Flair

Bathroom flair mar17

A small bathroom can be made to look much larger with some clever decorating. Vertical stripes make the walls seem larger and further apart. An ornately titled floor can capture your eye, making you pay attention to a feature rather than the room size. A floor to ceiling mural on one wall can also increase the perceived room, as well as strategically placed mirrors. If you have a favourite rectangular shaped tile, but feel it is too large for your bathroom, have it installed horizontally instead. The long lines will help elongate the feel of your room too.



Glass is Your Friend

Articles Bathrooms Mar17

Thanks to its transparent nature, glass is perfect for using as shelving and even walls in a small bathroom. It still functions the same as wood, but once again provides the ever-needed illusion of space.  You can even use a glass wall to bring the out doors in - providing the illusion of space.

Our building team love a good challenge! Let us help you transform your poky bathroom into the spacious and functional bathroom of your dreams! Contact us for a free quote today!





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