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Ensuite Bathrooms Lend Privacy Comfort and Added Home Value

An ensuite (in the room) bathroom is an attached bathroom built using the available space of a master bedroom. For a growing family, an ensuite bathroom is an ideal solution for a family. Work and school-day mornings are hectic ...

Ensuites add value 1


Work and school-day mornings are hectic, let’s face it. Dad’s trying to shave, the kids are lining up to brush their teeth, and mom had to get up early to get her shower in. Families learn to live with such arrangements. But in a world that moves faster all the time with breakfast on-the-run for the adults (the kids get a quick Nutella on toasted wheat bread and a glass of milk), a private space for relaxation and purification, just a few steps from your bedroom can be calm place to begin and end your day.


Planning the Space

Ensuite bathrooms, because they are carved out of extra space in the master bedroom or adjacent spaces, tend to be small. With this consideration in mind, you need to plan out the bathroom in great detail, prioritizing your wants and needs in regard to the placement and sizes of the toilet, basin, bath, or shower. Your choice of fixture sizes will also play an important role in creating extra space, avoiding a claustrophobic feeling. Note: Measure the space before buying anything or you may find, for example, a shower enclosure that takes over the bathroom, leaving little space or no space for anything else – better still discuss with your builder first.


Ensuites add value


Maximizing the Space

For a small bathroom a range of products exist that will open up space and make it roomy. For example you can choose wall-hung furniture, toilets and basins. If you’ve planned for a vanity setup, use the under-basin area to store bathroom products, or perhaps use the opened-up area created by a wall-hung basin, and purchase a storage module to place there. Bathroom product designers are also making quadrant shower enclosures, as well toilets and sinks that can conform to corner spaces or equally frameless glass showers can be made to suit any size and shape and have the extra bonus of making the room look more spacious. There are endless options to creating a functional and spacious small bathroom.


Ensuites add value



A ventilator fan is a must in the internal confines of a small attached bathroom. Make certain the fan that is installed is adequate for the job to avoid mould and mildew build-up and is vented to the outside.


Colour Considerations

Ensuite bathrooms are meant to be small for the most part. Not only is size and placement of the bathroom toilets, basins, showers, baths, and fixtures important to create the illusion of more space, but also the use of colour. Colour experts recommend light, bright colours as the way to go. Take your time picking a colour scheme and don’t always go with your first choice.


Ensuites add value

An ensuite bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. The convenience, privacy, and practicality make them an attractive feature and a bonus selling point when your home goes up on the market.

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