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7 stunning bathroom ideas we’re not so sure we’d love in our own home

Because we’re bathroom renovation professionals, we keep up with the latest ideas and trends. Here are a few that have grabbed us over the last few weeks – but we’re not so sure we’d like to see in our own home.

Quirky Bathrooms 1

We love cool vanity tops, but this one – with the truly 3D effect of river boulders under glass bathed in blue light – made us wonder if we’d see trout swimming upstream.



Quirky Bathrooms 2

Continuing with the blue theme, who would have thought to complement their gold bathroom with a shower spotlit in electric blue? Just the thing if you like singing Beyonce or Jay-Z songs in the shower!



Quirky Bathrooms 3

Some people like to create an environment of warmth and ambience in their bathrooms with candles and subdued mood lighting. The owner of this bathroom went a step further with a full fireplace.



Quirky Bathrooms 4

If you thought the last bathroom was pretty wild, how about a fireplace in the shower? We have to admit it looks great and it would undoubtedly be a feature that none of your friends and relatives have – but we can’t help feeling it’s just a tad extravagant and unnecessary.



Quirky Bathrooms 5

This shower is for those who like to feel at one with nature – and don’t mind a cold draught or a creepy-crawly landing on your head while showering.



 Quirky Bathrooms 6

This is more our style – a clever balance of textures and natural building materials. There’s a trend to bringing bathrooms and bedrooms together, often without even a partial divider between them. And with subdued wallwasher lighting, a fireplace and candles – well, could that be taking ambience to extremes?


 Quirky Bathrooms 7

Finally, here’s the ultimate bath for people who love each other’s company but don’t like the idea of sharing each other’s dirty bath water. Hmmm.


If you want to avoid these bathroom design pitfalls, talk to the Pzazz Building team for your next Bathroom Renovation and build a bathroom you will love for years to come.

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