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What’s hot in 2017 bathroom trends

Cold, dark and damp: bathrooms in New Zealand homes have traditionally been left to fend for themselves. Thankfully things are looking up, with homeowners demanding bathrooms which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly functional too. Here we look at a number of the hottest bathroom elements that we have seen coming through in 2017.

We are regularly receiving requests from homeowners asking our builders to undertake a full bathroom makeover. That’s why we always keep up with the latest trends in bathroom design and now you can too.

Hottest 2017 Bathroom Trends

Poky showers, dark rooms and floor sitting vanities are out. 2017 bathrooms are entering a new era of design functionality, with homeowners wanting their bathrooms to look just as great as the rest of their house. This has required designers to create bathroom accessories and furniture which would not look out of place in other rooms of the house. But relax, you are not going to see a toilet in your lounge anytime soon. In 2017, expect to see these fabulous new trends appearing in bathrooms all over the country!


Neutral colours

 neutral colours.jpg

Think grey, white and brown for your bathroom renovation, but it is where you use these colours which makes the difference. White is the preferred colour for vanity tops, baths, ceilings and toilets. Grey will be seen on painted walls, in tiles, natural stones and panels, as well as in showers. Brown will be there in the form of wood, with vanities, walls and floors being made with engineered timber products.



Open shelving and floating vanities

Floating vanity.jpg

Floating vanities have already overtaken traditional floor model ones in bathroom design stores. They will continue to be popular in 2017, especially in bathrooms which feature beautiful tiled or polished concrete floors.



Freestanding baths

freestanding baths.jpg

Baths have become quite a feature in bathrooms, but they are set to become the main feature in 2017. Freestanding baths are available in many different styles, from clawfoot to oval based. Consider having the floor directly under and around the bathtub different from the rest of the bathroom floor to draw attention to it.



Minimalist design

minimalist design.jpg

Like the rest of your home, bathrooms are also being renovated in a minimalist design. This means that you will need to install more storage options than you may have planned, letting you put things away instead of leaving them on the vanity or in the shower.



Black tapware

Black faucets.jpg

An incredibly popular trend, but one we ask you to do your research on. While black tapware looks great initially, over a few years it will develop water marks and loose it’s sheen. This will mean you’ll end up needing to replace them sooner than necessary. If this is not a problem, then by all means install black taps, otherwise stick to polished chrome.



Multiple lighting sources

bathroom lighting.jpg

Gone is the day when there was a single light source for the bathroom. Internal bathrooms will feature skylights, rather than just relying on artificial lighting. There will also be different lighting types used in bathrooms to break the room down into zones. Expect to see showers having lighting installed within them, recessed lighting around the bath and even floor lighting installed for night time visits to the toilet.

Whether your bathroom is large or small, there is a design solution for you. Our building teams here at Pzazz are experts when it comes to bathroom renovations.




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