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The wonder that is Italian bathroom design

You know the Italians as famous designers of cars, fashion and churches. But did you know they're also pretty buono at designing bathrooms? We take a look at some of the most stunning, elegant and Italian bathrooms in the world.

Italian bathrooms

Take this bathroom, for example. Who says bathrooms have to be clinical white? This one, the Duemilaotto Sabbia bathroom by Boffi, shows what you can do with lots of black and grey, touches of white and some blinds.

Whatever their style, Italian bathrooms in true Italian fashion tend to be far more than just functional places. Even the most basic bathrooms combine contrast, texture, colour or design features to create a statement that is distinctly, well, Italian.  View some of these features below.

If you love Italian style as much as we do, talk to us about your bathroom renovation ideas.


Italian Bathrooms 2

And who says sinks have to be oval and you can't use wood in a bathroom? Not MOMA Design. This clever piece of design uses wooden central storage cubes whose wooden sliding covers double as shelves. MOMA (not to be confused with New York's Modern Museum of Art) also has a totally funky website at www.moma-design.it.


Italian Bathrooms 5

What we like about Cerasa's bathroom collection are the gorgeous colours and textures. Just be careful if you're reaching across for a towel from the cubes on the right hand side of the storage cabinet, though. If your arms are too short you may end up in the spa - or is it a pool?

Italian Bathrooms 3

Another MOMA design, this one with some more traditional elements like the marble wall. Note, in true Italian style, that his-and-hers makeup mirrors are built into the main mirror. Tutto bene!


Italian Bathrooms 6

Here's another Cerasa bathroom. Who would have thought such striking lacquered red cabinetry and a chandelier would look so good in a bathroom? We like the surfboard-shaped mirror, too.
You can see more examples of Cerasa's collections at their website. Amazingly, they even have a 'Maori' collection which is featured in a separate article.

Italian Bathrooms 4

We loved this cool shower area so much, we just had to squeeze in one more design from MOMA Design. The shower tray is made in Corian®, the same stuff they make sinks and benchtops out of. We're not sure about that bathroom floor, though. One drop of water on it and it would be slipperier than ice.


Italian Bathrooms 7

Of course, not all Italian bathrooms have to be ultra-modern. If you've ever stayed at small local hotels or B&Bs in Italy, you'll be familiar with this more traditional style. This is one of the bathrooms in the charmingly rustic charmingly rustic Italian villa is Col delle Noci (Walnut Hill) on the private estate of Castello di Reschio, run by Count Antonio Bolza and two generations of his family, in the lush Umbrian countryside. You can see more photos of the Col delle Noci villa here.