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Creative master bedroom ideas for modern kiwis

Master bedrooms deserve just as much care and attention as any other room in your home. Possibly more in fact, because it is your retreat, your relaxing child-free space and even your romantic getaway room! So when it comes to bedroom ideas, the internet should be your weapon of choice to search for advice on paint colours, carpet and window treatments.

Creative Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Kiwis

Popular Trends in Master Bedroom Design 2016

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the world. While that may sound like a cliché, a master bedroom really is the most personal space in your home. Sure, it is a place to sleep, but more than that, it is a place when decadence and luxury should go hand in hand with one another.



There are four common trends at the moment in master bedroom design:

1.    Reclaimed Wood

Creative Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Kiwis

Wanting to achieve an eco-friendly master bedroom? Reclaimed wood not only helps reduce the amount of resources taken from our environment, but also helps to reduce the size of your home's footprint. Recycled wood can provide a textured surface within a contemporary glass, stone or concrete bedroom. Perfect for a feature wall or as furniture, reclaimed wood is very hot right now in the design world.



2.    Scandinavian Design

Creative Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Kiwis

Minimalist living is growing in popularity each year. Tones of grey, white and natural wood are becoming more common in NZ master bedrooms. With simple lines, minimal details and practical storage solutions, Nordic design is incredibly functional too.



3.    Artistic Wallpaper

Creative Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Kiwis

Wallpaper is back, but not as you know it! More of a statement artwork than a wall covering, wallpaper is often seen on bedroom feature walls. Interior designers have been using it to bring in colour, pattern and texture to set the mood of a bedroom.



4.    White and Black

Creative Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Kiwis

The traditional colour palate of white and black remains as popular as ever when decorating master bedrooms. Home owners and designers are choosing to focus the room around one colour, using different shades to accentuate specific areas. Soft white walls, a bright white ceiling, with cream linen and curtaining gives the appearance of a modern bedroom. Touches of black may be added in throw rugs or picture frames to provide an eye catching contrast. Black themed bedrooms often include splashes of colour, particularly red, orange and white.



Identifying popular trends in bedroom design is relatively easy; the more often you see a certain theme, colour or style, the more popular it is with home owners. If you decide you’d like to go beyond pure room decoration, you could consider adding features such as a Walk In Wardrobe. This is the ultimate in master bedroom luxury, but it does require careful planning to achieve the best result. We at Pzazz are able to provide full Project Management  for your renovations as well as providing a Feasibility report giving you advice on whether your ideas will actually work and the costs involved.

Photo based websites such as Houzz  and Pinterest can also be incredibly useful when beginning to look at ideas in design and decorating your master bedroom. Not only does Houzz  and Pinterest let you search for specific ideas for your bedroom, but you can also create ‘mood boards’ using photos of rooms which you like. 

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