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Walk in wardrobes

Walk in wardrobes have always been a symbol of luxury. That ability to have a whole room or closet to put all your clothes in, in an organised style is something many dream for.

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Whether you are building new, or designing a renovation, let us help you right from the planning stage.  Things you need to consider are door and wall placement, electrical switches, lights, windows, ceiling line; all of these can have a big impact on the quantity and quality of storage in your wardrobe.


Walk in wardrobes need to provide easy access and visibility to all your clothes.  A good design will automatically get your clothes, shoes and accessories more organised. Your choices are endless - from long and narrow with floor-to-ceiling storage to large, roomy spaces with plenty of different storage areas built and displaying boudoir furniture with skylights to naturally display your collections.

Size matters

Walk in wardrobes do take away space from your room, so when building, take this into consideration. You will have two options - a true walk in wardrobe, that provides space to sit and/or dress in OR the hide-away minimalist approach, that can be hidden behind sliding mirrors or doors.

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His and Hers

Walk in wardrobes can be designed for both sexes but you need to design them for their very different needs. It is well known that males tend only to require four pairs of shoes, while the female never seems to have quite enough variety or room to showcase them.  You could say a walk in wardrobe needs to be designed around shoes, dresses, bags and accesories on one side and for him, draws and suit racks would suffice.