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Case study 1 Taranaki

Isiah Reynolds may be one of our newest owner-operators but he has certainly lost no time in making his mark on the home additions and alterations market in Taranaki.

Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 1


Isiah’s clients Mike and Vivienne loved where they lived but wanted a better connection between their home and the rear of their property, as well as a better flow through their living and dining areas.


 Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 2



Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 3


An experienced designer-builder and family man, Isiah worked with the couple to conceive a bold plan for making the most of their home – a plan that included transforming the existing living area into the dining room, the original master bedroom into the living area, and another poorly-utilised part of the house into the new master bedroom and ensuite.

A project of this scale requires careful planning to minimise the disruption to the family, but Isiah put his experience to work and came up with a detailed plan. The plan covered 31 days of work from initial laying of protective material to safeguard the non-renovated areas to the last day clean. 

An important part of the plan was a comprehensive safety management plan to eliminate the risk of harm to the home’s occupants and Isiah’s team of tradespeople during the renovation.




Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 4 

As you can see from these photos, the result was a sophisticated interior refurbishment which reflected Mike’s and Vivienne’s tastes and lifestyle and gave the whole home a sense of ambience and style.

This bathroom, for example, with its elegant tiling, over-sized shower and relaxing colours created a haven of peace and warmth combined with functionality.


 Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 5

Creative touches such as the mosaic splashback and delicate filigree lent an inspired flair to the clean modern lines of the bathroom.   




 Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 6

Moving the kitchen to the rear of the home created a more seamless flow between the living and dining areas and the backyard, where the family spends much of its time.




 Case Study 1 - Pzazz Taranaki 7

The minimalist new décor provided the perfect backdrop for Mike’s and Vivienne’s furnishings, art and decorative items.

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