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Choosing the right roofing material for your home

Choosing the right roofing material is a bit like choosing a hat. You want to make sure it fits on your head, looks great, is the right weight and will last for many years.

Choosing the best roofing material for your home

A new roof can be a costly purchase, making it essential that you choose one which is durable, weathertight and structurally suitable for your home.

How to Pick Your Roofing Material

New Zealand is known for its variable weather conditions. Sun, rain, wind or snow, your roof needs to be made using the most suitable materials to suit your environment. It is also important to keep in mind these factors too:

    • Roof lifespan and warranty
    • Amount and type of maintenance required
    • Pitch or slope of your roof
    • Framing structure of your home – will it support a heavy roof?
    • Cost
    • Performance – what weather conditions is it suitable for?
    • Insulation properties

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Common Roofing Materials in New Zealand

There are two common, locally made roofing options in New Zealand. One is roofing tiles, the other is metal roofing.


Tiled Roofs

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A Traditional roofing choice, concrete or clay tiles are fireproof, weathertight and can be installed on any degree roof pitch. Tiled roofs are suitable for homes near coastal areas, have strong structural framing to support the roof and are prone to receiving high winds and hail. A tiled roof requires little maintenance and can last for over 50 years if installed correctly. On the downside, a tiled roof is heavy. It requires additional trusses and framing support and has a higher installation and purchase price.


Metal Roofs

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Long run steel or Coloursteel roofing comes pre-painted and requires little maintenance. There are specific metal roofs recommended for coastal areas, but if you live close to the sea, a metal roof may not be your best choice as they can rust and corrode. A steel roof is lightweight, lasts for at least 15 years with minimal maintenance. They also usually have lower installation and purchase costs than concrete or clay tiles.


Choosing the Right Roof Type for Your Home

Your roof is one of the largest parts of your home. It is not something that you personally will see often, but one which is regularly seen by your neighbours and from the roadside. The aesthetics of your roof can impact upon the overall appearance of your property, as well as the value of your home.

Choosing a style which suits the character of your home, as well as a matching colour is important. A good place to start considering your roofing options is to look around your neighbourhood. What type and colour roofs do they have?  Ask for recommendations from others in your area on roofing materials is also a good idea.


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The colour of your roof also impacts upon your home. Darker coloured roofs absorb more heat and stay hot for longer. A concrete or clay tiled roof will discharge this warmth slowly overnight into your home. A metal roof however, absorbs and discharges heat quickly. It also lets cool air pass through it more quickly, requiring additional insulation around the tresses.

Our builders are experts in roofing. We can not only help you choose the best roofing materials for your home, but we can install them too. Give us a call today to book a free consultation with your local Pzazz builder.









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