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5 cool ideas we’ve seen lately that we know you’ll love

We’re called Pzazz and it’s important to us that we live up to that name by scouring the world for the best inspirations, ideas and innovations in interior (and exterior) design. Here are five we’ve come across lately.

Small spaces

As the world’s population grows and urban space shrinks, there has been a growing trend to small-scale living environments with the versatility to adapt to the changing needs of their inhabitants. Here’s a great and very moving example of what can be achieved with a bit of ingenuity and style.



5 Cool ideas - Nov17

This looks a bit other-worldly, but it’s actually Europe’s first underwater restaurant.



5 Cool ideas - Nov17

Situated on Norway’s wild southern coast, this restaurant is quite unlike those in other parts of the world which tend to be located in protected lagoons with lots of colourful fish swimming cheerfully around. The fish here have to be particularly brave – as do the customers – as waves pound the shore in what is truly a unique dining experience.



5 Cool ideas - Nov17

With summer coming up, it’s time to shake off that winter flab – and what better way to do that and avoid public embarrassment than by setting up your own home gym? These enterprising homeowners didn’t let lack of space stand in their way – they converted their loft into a fitness centre complete with sauna.



5 Cool ideas - Nov17

Who says medical clinics have to be, well, clinical? We love the very cool lighting fixtures in this one but the screen in the middle reminds us to much of the movie Psycho to make us feel at ease.



5 Cool ideas - Nov17

Who says light fixtures have to be predictable? Vibia is a community based in Barcelona where more than 100,000 professionals work their lighting projects. This one, Halo Linear, particularly caught our eye with its unique look of fluorescent tubes dropping out of the ceiling.



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