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Behold the Beauty of Open Space

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There you would find a stainless steel gas grill with fresh-caught seafood sizzling, giving off aromas of thyme, basil, and marinade. Brunch prepared in an outdoor kitchen under a blazing blue sky. Cocktail parties that begin indoors but lure guests outdoors along a dry-laid walkway to watch the sunsets daily colour show. But no matter the time of year, whether warmer or cooler, folks are trending toward indoor-outdoor flow design concepts.

Luxurious living can be had in new and innovative ways with indoor-outdoor space plans. No more plastic-woven tacky patio chairs on mundane cement with a barbeque grill smoking and polluting the air. The trend in 2015 is toward bringing the indoors outdoors, extending the comfort of your interior space to the outside.


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Product designers specializing in, not only outdoor furniture and ground coverings, are also manufacturing outdoor kitchens, replete with countertops, refrigerators, and firepits. And it doesn’t stop there with double-sided, indoor-outdoor stone fireplaces. Outdoor product designers are introducing cordless heat lamps to temper the climate, and exotic stone tiles that can be crafted to a naturalistic finish, inset into a lawn to create an area of space underpinning a cozy furniture arrangement that really does extend the living room outside.


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To begin visualizing your indoor-outdoor space plan you need to understand the structural requirements you may need to undertake to make it happen. Especially, if you have an older home, prepare yourself for a larger and potentially more expensive project. Older homes, you may notice, contain many self-enclosed rooms: bath- , living- , and bedrooms, kitchen, and den. Structural renovations in these homes are a prerequisite to achieving a functional indoor-outdoor space plan. You could consult with a design architect, who will work in collaboration with a home renovation expert.

But home renovation and design experts such as Pzazz Building offer a one-stop solution. They employ craftsmen, who can confer with you on what is imagined and what can be achieved, given your home’s particular configuration, its age—old or modern—and what structural changes may need to be made to achieve the desired results.


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Home renovation experts will begin working once a design concept is finalized, to focus on planning out the new space, taking into consideration traffic flow, essential in creating an indoor-outdoor smooth movement that blends interior and exterior spaces. One method to achieve this is to use uniform floor surfaces with minimal barriers.

Renovation project managers will coordinate the floor plan to function with product and permit requirements. They will also monitor that standards have been adhered to. Administrative systems will calculate cost control in conjunction with materials selection to manage the budget. And crucial to a successful renovation they will ensure all sub-contractors and designers are on the same page as regards your requirements.


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All the elements that go into accomplishing a functional indoor-outdoor flow comprise a mix of aesthetics, product selection, workmanship, and technical craft. A precise balance of function and form will turn your carefully chosen open space plan into an integral part of daily life, and into a home you will cherish forever.

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