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Changing your garage into a habitable space

Our garages have been designed to house our vehicles and as a storage area. Yet as our families grow and lives change, we start thinking about other uses for them.

Converting your garage into a habitable space, be it for an extra bedroom, a study or living area is becoming a necessary option for Kiwi's with the housing shortage.


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How to convert your garage into a habitable space

First thing to consider is what you are wanting to use your garage for. If you want to turn it into a business area, then you will need to apply for a Change of Use order. If it is simply for additional space for you and your family to live in, then a Change of Use order is not required. But that doesn’t mean you can just lay some carpet and move in. There are other factors to consider which may require building consent.

These include:

  • Upgrading the electricals
  • Adding a waterproof membrane to walls and floor
  • Organising ventilation and heating
  • Raising the concrete floor level
  • Additional bracing for walls and ceiling if required
  • Reroofing if required
  • Adequate ventilation

Often when you are changing the use of your garage, you don’t want it to still look like a garage! Installing windows and doors, as well as removing the garage door are common jobs. These make access easier and provide a more pleasant environment to be in. Removing walls or adding internal access ways are also jobs which your building team can do. We convert garages into habitable spaces all the time and are more than happy to give you a free quote and consultation to help you decide what would work best for your situation.


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What Makes a Great Garage Conversion?

First up, this depends on how you are going to use it and your personal decisions. Overall though, it needs to be fitted out just like the rest of your home.

This includes:

  • Installing carpets
  • Providing a heating source
  • Decorating
  • Having natural light
  • Being damp proof
  • Installing power points, data connections and lighting
  • Installing smoke alarms

As with any building work, it is essential that you obtain the right consents before you begin. Converting a garage without permission from local authorities can set you back a $60,000 fine.

Giving your garage a makeover is easy with your Pzazz building team. Take a look at our article about converting a garage into an office for more information or contact us for a free no obligation quote and consultation. Together we’ll give you the space you need and want!





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