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Changing your garage into an office

Expanding your home is a great way to give you the additional space for an office. But sometimes it is just not possible due to space or financial costs.

Garage to office space

The next best option is to convert an existing room into an office. For some, this means using a bedroom, nook or lounge. But what do you do if you don’t have a spare room to use? Convert your garage into an office, of course!


How can I convert my garage into an office?

A garage can seem like a large amount of wasted space. Converting your garage may require a Change of Use approval from the council, unless it is in the same 'Use Category.' Any structural work or the addition of a kitchenette or bathroom will require a building consent. If it is already attached to your home, conversion is generally simple as the home is already part of the house.

If it is a work at home type office with no visitors, consent is not usually needed depending on your renovation type. However, we’re here to help and can tell you more about your specific circumstances during our free quote process.


Garage to office space


What’s involved in changing a garage into an office?

Generally, the process takes around four weeks to complete depending on the current condition your garage is in. There are a few things your building team will need to do including:

  • Adding insulation to the walls and ceiling
  • Raising the floor height a few inches to allow insulation above the concrete pad
  • Replacing the garage door with a window and/or door
  • Upgrading the electrics to allow for more appliance usage, including adding power points
  • Installing adequate heating and cooling
  • Removing any walls to create an open plan space or adding an internal door

If you would like to keep your garage for your car, it may be possible to add an additional storey above. This will cost more than a standard conversion as the building will need extensive strengthening and construction.


Garage to office space


Considerations when converting your garage

Garages are of a standard shape and size. Quite often this is not what we are wanting in a new habitable area. It may be necessary to add new non-load bearing or partition walls to achieve the most suitable area for your office.

How do you see your office in one, five or ten years on? How many people will be working in it? Will clients need to visit your office? What kind of storage space and reception areas will you need? It may be more advantageous for you to plan for your future needs now than have to do further building work again at a later stage.




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