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The coolest home décor we saw in 2017

Being aficionados of as well as experts in home renovation, we take more than a passing interest in the latest and greatest trends. And here are some of our favourite new concepts – and they’re now available through Pzazz Building.

Hygge Scandinavian style 4.jpg


1. We’ve got to talk about Hygge

That’s the Scandinavian interior design trend that aims to create feeling of cosiness and togetherness—and is often represented in homes with lots of soft textures like blankets and sheepskin rugs, candlelight, and other cosy items.

  Hygge Scandinavian style.jpg


Here's another example of Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) style. “It's about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things,” is how Meik Wiking describes it in his Little Book of Hygge. And yep, we’re starting to feel all warm and cosy and sooo relaxed… 


The New Modern Style.png


2. The New Modern Style

The so-called New Modern look seems like the New Retro style to us, but we like the minimal furniture, playful shapes and colours like pastels and jewel tones.

The Lazy Bastard Sofa.jpg

3. The Lazy Bastard Sofa

The name makes this uber-comfortable sofa sound as though it originates from New Zealand, but it was in fact designed by a young Dutch bloke named Bertjan Pot (Bert to his mates) for Dutch furniture maker Montis. The company's mission has since it was founded in 1974 to design modern furniture with superior seating comfort – and the Lazy Bastard delivers. Filled with polystyrene beads like a beanbag, it adjusts beautifully to any sitting position. At around US$2,500 each plus taxes and shipping, you'll no doubt want two Lazy Bastards around your home. 


 The Edge Wall Lamp.jpg


 4. The Edge Wall Lamp

To us, this looks like a resin cube that’s been hurled across a room and got lodged in a wall. But that’s a beautiful thing. Created by European designer Alessandro Mendini for Artemide, The Edge comes in 21cm or 32cm cubes and is suitable for an LED light source.


Like a little Hygge in your home? Or perhaps you're more of a New Modern kind of person? No matter what your style, your local Pzazz Building owner will help you come up with the ideal design (in 3D if you wish) and then make your whole renovation project happen for you.

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