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Design the home office you would love to work in

Whether you use it to network with new clients every day or to just calculate your taxes once a year, your home office should be efficient, beautiful, and functional. Hard working people need an inspiring place to keep their creative juices flowing.

home-office with a view


A home office can be anything from a desk nook to a spacious room – and no matter how much area it acquires, it needs a sleek design that makes it look comfortable and professional. Here are some beautiful ideas to design your home office space.

It begins with a great chair

If you spend 40 hours a week in your office, make sure you get an executive chair. A chair is what will give you a position in your office – make sure you look like a boss. The chair should be beautiful, professional, and ergonomic so that you can stay comfortable.


home office with a view


Get a room with a view

If you are setting up your office in a corner, make sure it’s the corner by the window. With a little view, you will feel more creative. Just set your chair and desk in front of the window with possibly a potted plant.

Try a bold palette

Add brightness to your setup. Whether you’re decorating a room or a corner of a room, keep a cool color scheme that is fun and invigorating. You can also add functional storage accessories such as multi-level shelves to add bold colors to the home office space.


home office with bold colours

Books inspire the thought process

A small office will not need a lot of space, but it WILL need a lot of creativity. To get the creative juices flowing, you can showcase books on a shelf fixed next to your desk, while magazines can casually hang on a ladder to give it a rustic appeal.

Get vertical and horizontal organization

Home office spaces aren’t generally rich in square footage, and this is why you need to use the area efficiently. Floating shelves can be added to the walls to get office equipment and papers off the desk. Designate one of your desk drawers as ‘to-do’ and keep all your pending assignments there. You can also try cube storage to hold books or knick-knacks.


home office to inspire

Inspire yourself

You can setup a mini shrine in your office – maybe a photo of your loved one that motivates you to get the work done. Or a print of Europe to drive your inner muse. Or maybe even a photo of your kids to remind you that you’re doing it all for them.

Mix casual with formal

Your office needs to be formal, but that doesn’t mean that it should not have that laid back appeal that makes you tick. Make sure that the environment of the office is neat, organized, and still somewhat casual. That casual elegance can be added by personalizing your home office space. Whether it’s a photo of your spouse or a potted plant, make sure the office has a comfortable aura.


home office 3

If you have a large office and space is not a constraint, then there is a lot to play with. Add as much storage as you can. For example, a large desk will hold many files and other office equipment, and the rest of the storage can be managed by cupboards.






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