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Space converters: Turn unused parts of your home into the space you need

Research shows that adding more space to your home not only makes it more liveable – but more valuable, too. And by making better use of your existing space, you may not even need to change your home’s footprint. Here are some of our best tips.

Space converters - renovate unused space 1

How many of us have ugly, unused space under our home like the photo on left above? In hilly New Zealand, loads of us. Sometimes all it takes to create the space for a basement like the one pictured at right is an excavator and the expertise of your local Pzazz Building owner. This kind of expertise is essential to get the design and ambience right, but in a basement situation, to avoid damp and mould.


Space converters - renovate unused space 2Not all designers and builders have the expertise and understand the systems and techniques required to keep your basement dry, comfortable and warm.


Space converters - renovate unused space 3

Perhaps you have space inside your roof that’s currently being used as a junk storage? The photo at right above shows the potential for that kind of space. Or if you don’t need another bedroom, how about an office or a workshop?


Avoid the temptation to do this in order to create more space.

Space converters - renovate unused space 4Your attic transformation should complement the design and style of your home, not look as though someone has plonked a big box on your roof.


Space converters - renovate unused space 5

Got a deck that you only use for part of the year? Transform it into a beautiful sunroom, conservatory or outdoor room and make the most of it even when it’s windy, raining or cold.


Space converters - renovate unused space 6Off-the-shelf aluminium sunrooms like this may be comparatively cheap, but they can seriously spoil the appearance of your home.

Again, we recommend that your conservatory is designed to harmonise with your home if it is to add true value to your biggest asset.



Space converters - renovate unused space 7

Over recent years, we’ve been involved in a huge number of garage conversions as homeowners look to add an extra bedroom, self-contained flat, family room or, in this case, living room. What we especially like about this one is the way the bifolding doors give you the option of opening up the whole room to the outdoors.   


Space converters - renovate unused space 8Most garages lack insulation, wall panelling and floor coverings, and this one isn’t even directly connected to the house.

To make sure your new room doesn’t feel like a, well, garage, talk to your local Pzazz Building owner about creating living space you and your family will love.


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