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7 Must Have New Kitchen Trends for 2017

Remove those copper accessories and forget about subway tile splashbacks! 2017’s new kitchen trends have arrived and are ready to spice things up in your home. Whether your kitchen is large or small, we’ve packed the most popular kitchen trends all together right here for you to choose from.

2017 Kitchen Trends You Won’t Want to Miss!



Kitchen trends 2017

White has always been a popular colour for kitchen areas. It looks clean, fresh and modern, making shades of white a popular choice for walls and cabinetry. But change is the in the wind, with black and grey beginning to take over in the kitchen. This is particularly true for cupboards, shelves, splashbacks and benches. Then of course there is the black tapware, handles and other kitchen accessories, all of which are out to prove black is the new white.




Pressed Tin

Kitchen trends 2017

Everyone loves it and with its retro feel, who wouldn’t? Pressed tin has made a comeback in many new kitchen renovations. Used as either a splashback, a feature wall or as a waterfall bench top, one of the many advantages it has is the wide variety of patterns and colours it is available in.



Hidden Appliances

Kitchen trends 2017

We all have appliances, but does that mean we need to display them? Designers think not and 2017 will see many kitchen renovation projects undertaken to conceal our appliances in cupboards and drawers. But it gets better because these appliances are designed to function in-situ, so we don’t need to take them out and put them on the kitchen bench to use them.




Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

 Kitchen trends 2017

No smartly dressed penguins here, but rather kitchen cabinets which have been constructed with complimentary colours. You may have the above bench cupboards white and the under-bench ones black. Think about also having the outside face of your drawers painted a mid-grey, with the inside panelling a lighter grey. Known as two toned cabinetry, this layered look is set to become very popular.




Kitchen Islands

Kitchen trends 2017

They’re back! Forget having your benches and cabinetry only around the outside walls of your kitchen. Island cabinets are growing in popularity again and surprisingly enough, it is curved oval models which are preferable over rectangular shaped ones.



Coloured Sinks

Kitchen trends 2017

Stainless sinks will always have a place in the hearts of Kiwis. However, sinks are now being manufactured in a range of colours, with designers and homeowners alike loving the new choices available. Matt black to match the new black handles and tapware is a popular choice, but in a pure white kitchen, a sink of lime green with a matching splashback brings a pop of colour to brighten up the room.



Automated Kitchens

Kitchen trends 2017

While robots taking over our kitchens, to prepare and serve our meals is unlikely to occur in 2017, there are other automated kitchen features available. Taps which turn on when you place your hand or a glass underneath them are perfect for sticky handed chefs. Sensor lighting when you move throughout the kitchen is also on the cards, great for illuminating the areas where you are working without you needing to touch a light switch.

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