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Can your home have more than one kitchen?

Adding another kitchen to your property is an appealing idea. After all, it can provide a separate area for your flatmate or boarder to sort out their own food. Or somewhere for your Nana to make a cup of tea. How about adding a kitchen to a garage conversion to turn it into a sleepout?

Sounds awesome, but before you jump into adding another kitchen, let’s find out if your local council will let you.

2nd kitchen to dwellings


Ins & Outs of Adding Another Kitchen to Your Property

First up, if you want to add a second kitchen anywhere on your property, you’re going to need building consent. This includes if you are building an extension to house it, putting it in a spare room or adding it to a sleepout. Your local authority will most probably count that as a second dwelling, even it is in part of your main building. This also applies if the kitchen is just for use by your family.

A second dwelling on a plot of land has additional rules set out by local councils. Chances are that your home has been given permission by your council for one residential unit. The council has already done their research and considered the land size and car parking area available, as well as the services installed to your section. This information is available in their District Plan.

Adding a second dwelling increases the resources your property uses and the council may not have the resources available to cope with that. There also may be restrictions put on specific properties or areas which the council would have included in their District Plan. So, depending on the ‘rules’ set out for your property, you will need a building consent and maybe a resource consent and change of usage approval too.


2nd kitchen to dwellings


How to Add a Second Kitchen to Your Home

As a building consent is required, you will need to hire a Licenced Building Practitioner. This is because plumbing would be involved and this is a restricted work. Choose a builder which can help you through the entire process, from design to completion. They will be able to provide, sub contract or suggest tradespeople for you to use.


2nd kitchen to dwellings


Our building teams all have Licenced Building Practitioners on board. We’re able to help you decide on the best course of action when adding a second kitchen to your home. We can also take care of all the consents on your behalf too. Give us a call today to book your free consultation with your local building team from Pzazz!


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