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The splashback is essential in protecting the wall behind your cooking and food preparation areas and in the modern kitchen of today is used as a striking and decorative feature.

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Splashbacks are a great way to enhance any kitchen and have become a unique feature in the modern home. Traditionally splashbacks were made from tiles, stainless steel or painted but recent trends in new home builds have caused an explosion in exciting new materials, from glass to stone, steel and Corian.

The traditional splashback was used mainly on the walls behind the hobbs and cooking area of a kitchen but in the modern home can be used to create a greater impact with a full wall feature or LED that change as and when the mood suits the home owner. There's no need for boring splashbacks, when you can choose from a myriad of amazing colours, styles and finishes!

Glass and LED

For a dramatic visual impact choose a flat option, as this provides the eye an uninterrupted view. Glass (laminate) splashbacks or the lighter option of Zenolite, make for an easy to clean and hygienic environment.  There are multiple choices available to suit everyone's artistic flair.  For a bigger impact you may like to look at the impact of 'Splashlites' or LED lighting to provide colour to suit your mood.

Steel and Tin

Metals are non-porous and non-sticky, which makes them a great alternative for the kitchen splashback.  Steel and Tin provide a great shiny look to your kitchen and can give the illusion that your kitchen space is much larger than it looks. The stainless steel option is available in tiles and sheet forms, yet the tin is only recommended in tile form due to ease of application.

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Mosaic and Marble

Mosaics are a pretty spectacular feature in any kitchen. They can make the kitchen pop with vibrance and colour or for the bold at heart a mirrored mosaic can lighten and enlarge the room. See our gallery for more ideas.  Where as the marble provides a grandeur option and gives a natural glow to your kitchen. The use of correct lighting will make your kitchen come alive.