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Dining designs

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is the mouth and the stomach - the place where you get together with your family and friends to talk, laugh and share good food. But how well does your dining room set the scene for memorable dinner parties and relaxed day-to-day mealtimes? Here are some ideas and tips.

Inspirational Dining designs

A dining room with an African theme can help blend colour and furnishings to create a warm, inviting place to entertain.  Yet, in contrast a dining room can be elegantly understated in the Japanese tradition. Dark furniture can provide contrast against muted colour on walls and a coordinated rug.  Artwork and display cabinets can be utilised in conjunction with careful lighting and contrasting colour.

Dining Room Design Tip # 1:

Your dining room should be an expression of your personality and lifestyle, but it should also be an extension of the overall interior design of your home. Use artwork or a display to create interest in your dining room. In small dining rooms, think about the use of a large mirror to create a greater sense of space.

Dining Room Design Tip # 2:

Colour is important in creating mood, and the use of striking colours can be a useful in delineating the dining area from other parts of the house, especially in the open plan areas featured in many modern homes. Use contrast to accentuate your table settings and accessories.


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Dining Room Design Tip # 3:

Lighting is something you should give some thought to. An overhead light fixture provides a focal point and together with a dimmer switch, wall accent lights and candles, helps create the perfect ambience.

Your dining table and chairs do not have to be new, nor must they match, although if you have different upholstered chairs, you could make them work together by re-upholstering in the same fabric.