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Fireplaces add brightness and a strong focal point to any room. Sit next to the fireplace to see and feel the cadence of each flame and you will radiate feelings of complete relaxation in the company of the powerful element of fire.

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Today's fireplaces are used not only for the great look and feel of cosiness in home but they actually can be used for heating the entire home. There is a huge variety of fireplace designs nowadays varying in size and shape. Some of them are with open fire yet others are behind fireproof glass but all bringing warmth and comfort to the owner.

Many of today's fireplaces, whether wooden or gas, are certified for reduced emissions from combustion, design consistent with local body laws to reduce pollution and can control energy costs within the household. These certificates ensure that your modern fireplace is clean, efficient, with reduced energy costs and prevent pollution from the air we breathe. Even the modern wooden fire place can be considered a 'green' product due to the forests being well maintained and renewable natural energy source, which help to reduce emissions. Wood is a carbon neutral product as the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the wood is burned, it produces the same amount of carbin dioxide that a gas fireplace uses over the lifespan of the product, making the tree carbon neutral.


A roaring fire in a stone fireplace is impressive in any room. To reduce the scale of the stone and add interest, add a long mirror above the mantel.


Modern and contemporary fireplaces infuse natural elements into a modern design to turn the fireplace into a centre piece.

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Indoor / Outdoor

Create an extension of your indoor living space by installing a grand indoor/outdoor fireplace and seating area adjacent to the house.