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How Natural Materials can add Style and Beauty to Your House Design

Natural materials are becoming popular products in modern day house designs, from beautiful splashbacks using mosaic tiles to floor coverings using recycled timber.

Natural materials for home renovations

Many modern house plans feature attractive natural materials from the earth. These materials can be formed into beautiful, yet practical, design elements in the rooms being renovated. Popular home renovation ideas include natural elements like glass, tin, steel, marble and stone. These materials are shaped and formed into countertops, kitchen splashbacks, mosaic tiles, fireplace surrounds, framed showers, floor coverings and mantles. Keeping materials stylish, yet functional, is the key to a successful and timeless home renovation project.

Utilising natural materials from the earth as beautiful, functional elements within your living environment connects you and your home to the world around you. Try including some of these elements in your renovation design plans, when it is time to update your home's living space. Refer the galleries on www.pzazz.co.nz, for more exciting home renovation inspiration.

Natural material in the bathroom

Natural earth products in the bathroom

Often, in old fashioned homes, bathrooms tend to be small, dark and dingy. In contrast, modern bathrooms have evolved to occupy open, light and airy spaces, which form small at-home spas for today's families. Glass showers, large open bathtubs (next to windows with a view), tiled floors and plants that bring the outdoors inside all help to create a peaceful oasis at home. Stained glass windows will allow plenty of light, while providing privacy if neighbouring houses are very close. Bathroom renovations are always worthwhile investments for homeowners, as the money invested is returned to you when it is time to sell your home.

Kitchen renovations should start with an in-depth evaluation of what you truly want from the space. The needs of a master chef in the kitchen will be quite different from the casual family cook. Does the family dine together daily, or eat in shifts? Do you want a banquette seating area, or a dining room table? Do you need a breakfast counter space, or would you rather use that counter for food preparation? Do you buy and store your groceries in bulk, or make frequent trips to the market? The answers to these questions will help you and your designer plan the use of the space in your kitchen, when it is redesigned.

Perhaps you will need more cabinets and a walk in pantry, because you cook often and keep a lot of food staples on hand. The butler's pantry or scullery has come into popularity again, as modern gourmets entertain and cook more at home. An island, with benches or stools for snacks and simple meals, may be more your style. Deciding whether you need a modern, country, gourmet or outdoor kitchen helps. Once your plan is created, the materials chosen for the reconstruction of the kitchen should suit the style you are developing.

Natural material in the kitchen

Natural kitchens

If sophisticated gourmet is your dream kitchen look, use steel and glass and subtle lighting touches, with soft close drawers and a monochromatic colour palette.

If a warm country kitchen is more to your liking, choose beautiful scrolled tin for the splashback, and dark stone for the countertops. Add warm coloured tiles for the flooring, and brightly coloured window coverings for a finishing touch.

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