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Providing an alcove within your home, that provides warmth and character to the surroundings, makes for a very enjoyable and 'snuggly' atmosphere. Relaxing among books brings warmth to our souls as we surround ourselves with long-time friends and intriguing adventures.

Pzazz Libraries

Many people choose their hobbie to be reading, which in turn creates storage issues for lots of books. To resolve this problem a personal library at home is needed.

No matter your available space for your home library, whether it is a dedicated room, a mini library or a transformed corner of a room, we can provide you with a few tips to assist.  Home libraries can be implemented anywhere. So take a good look around your house and see if any of these locations work for you.

Traditional design

Traditional home library design ideas can give you a different atmosphere in your home, surrounding yourself with your own comforts and designs, providing that perfect calm atmosphere, enabling you to lose yourself in another realm.

Modern design

Libraries are a place that are meant to inspire you, whether it is through deep thought or an interesting read. Your home library does not have to look like the traditional library - talk with your architect and interior designer to see how interest can be added into the design.

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Minimalist design

The modern minimalist is all about simple pieces of furniture that scream a quiet quality, or personality. Everything has its place, but is also displayed rather than hidden in drawers and shelves.  Small touches throughout the room add to the atmosphere. Modern Japanese homes are good examples.