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Stunning fireplaces you’ll love this winter

Call us old fashioned but we reckon that nothing warms the cockles of the heart – whatever they are – better than a fireplace.

Stunning_fireplaces 1

(Lead pic: The Eastside fireplace by Living Flame)

Unlike some people, we’re not biased by whether it’s a “real” or gas-fired fireplace. In fact, we challenge you to tell them apart as you look through this amazing gallery.


Stunning_fireplaces 2

AF700 gas fireplace by Escea

Of course, you don’t have to go ultra-modern with your fireplace, especially if you have a villa, bungalow or some other classic home. The AF700 gas fireplace by Escea is the perfect replacement fireplace for an open fronted wood fireplace. It can also be installed straight into a timber framed wall without the need for expensive fire rated materials.



Stunning_fireplaces 3


Your fireplace doesn’t even have to be indoors. This one works beautifully with this outdoor room, which is made even more versatile by the clever opening roof from Louvretec. (See our separate article for more on creating your own outdoor room.)



Stunning_fireplaces 4

Pic: Escea AF700 gas fireplace

This is the same fireplace you saw above, but with a twist – this model heats not only one room, but two. At the same time it forms part of a very stylish and cool – or should we say hot? – room divider.



Stunning_fireplaces 5

Pic: Living Flame

When we first saw this photo we thought it was a particularly cosy-looking family living environment. Then we saw the Exit sign. But what’s cosier than lots of dark-stained timber, fat leather sofas, subdued lighting and, of course, a fireplace?



 Stunning_fireplaces 6

Pic: Living Flame

Talking of cosy, what’s Christmas without a lovely old-fashioned (gas) fireplace? Yes, we know it’s not really appropriate in this part of the world. But a fireplace like this seems a good excuse to hold your very own Christmas in the winter, doesn’t it?


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