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Here comes summer – time for some outdoor cooking

It’s that time of the year when we want to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and freedom that comes with it. So why trudge back into your kitchen to prepare a meal and miss out on all that is going on?

More and more NZ home owners are investing in their own wellbeing and happiness and adding an outdoor kitchen area to enhance both their own living environment and the ability to share this with friends and family.

In the example below a seamless flow has been created between the interior of the house and the outdoor spaces. And further enhancing the design is the use of furniture to create defined, yet open, spaces for dining, cooking and relaxing all finished off with a mixture of different lighting methods.

Seemles flow between indoor and the outdoors


In this next example the home owners have gone for complete separation of the outdoor cooking/dining area from the main house again with furniture creating the 3 different spaces. As always in design it is never one size fits all – it’s about talking with your builder/designer and working through the things that are important to you.

Outdoor flow with separate cooking


In this last example the homeowner chose to use what was originally a driveway and carport to create a large paved area, again complete with cooking, dining and relaxing  spaces with the use of furniture placement. Materials were used to compliment the house cladding to tie the new outdoor kitchen/dining space into the original home.

Driveway use for outdoor cooking

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