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Taking your kitchen outdoors

Outdoor kitchens are heating up backyards throughout New Zealand as we are discovering the pleasures of cooking and entertaining outside all year around.

Take your kitchen outdoors


The traditional and portable gas BBQ is no longer the only cooking feature in the garden, as purpose built kitchens are quickly rising in popularity. Pizza ovens, fridges, fireplaces and gas burners are just some of the features that homeowners are having installed into their expanding outdoor living spaces.


Taking the indoors outside

Take your kitchen outdoors


No longer are kitchens the small poky internal rooms they traditionally used to be. Rather, they are large open spaces, often positioned right next to the family lounge or dining room. As we have welcomed the great flow and entertaining opportunities this offers us, we have also started yearning for an outside cooking space too. Outdoor kitchens have arisen directly from our need to entertain and expand our living spaces. Often a new build or renovation includes an al fresco dinning and cooking area which can be used all year long and not just for the summer months.


Top tips on installing an outdoor kitchen

Kitchens outdoors 6


As always, indoor outdoor flow is important in home design and especially so in considering the placement of your outdoor kitchen. Flat access is preferred for kitchen installation and ease of use for the homeowner, though sloping areas can be redeveloped with decking or excavation. Decking also makes a great flooring for the kitchen, as do outdoor tiles and slate. Depending on your garden access, any appliances or features you would like installed may need to be craned into place.



Take your kitchen outdoors


To allow the kitchen and dining area to be used regardless of the weather, a roof and possibly some shelter walls may need to be installed. If this is close to your home, attaching a transparent roof also allows sunlight to continue through your windows, rather than blocking it. A retractable roof is also an option, letting you make the decision on using it depending on the weather. Finally, it is also possible to have your new al fresco area roofed in the same materials as your home, giving a visually seamless and flowing option.


 Take your kitchen outdoors


Outside bench space is as equally as important as it is inside, as is a sink and running water. Installing useful appliances such as a mini fridge also help reduce the need to shuttle between kitchens, letting you thoroughly enjoy being outside. Landscaping around it by planting herbs and other edible plants is also a lovely idea. Depending on your budget and the type of cooking you are planning to do, the appliances you furnish it with could be as simple as a BBQ or grill, moving towards a pizza oven, side burner or built in oven.

Our building teams here at Pzazz would love to plan and build your dream outdoor kitchen.   Let’s start your outdoor entertainment area rocking today!  Email US with your ideas  or Call US today to discuss further..

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