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Top Tips When Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Our relaxed outdoor lifestyle is one of the great things about being a kiwi. Dining alfresco or cooking in your outdoor kitchen are not just pastimes of the rich and famous, but are now the norm for everyone.

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture for your patio, deck or gazebo, there are a few potentially costly pitfalls to avoid, which is why we’ve put together our best tips to help you out.

We love Outdoor Living and we know you do too, it has become incredibly popular, with many of us seeking the outdoor lifestyle all year long. Outdoor furniture has made considerable leaps over the past few years and the days of the rotting wooden picnic table and paint chipped wrought iron patio set have well and truly moved on.

As a result, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when deciding which outdoor furniture set is right for you and your family.



Check Furniture is Fit for Purpose

outdoor furniture customised

Whether you are wanting a chaise lounge to relax by the pool, or a picnic table and seating by the BBQ, the key to choosing great outdoor furniture is to specifically choose outdoor furniture fit the purpose intended!

If it has been manufactured especially for life outside, then you’ll be fine as the materials it is constructed with will be weather resistant. Problems arise when we take or repurpose our indoor furniture - we will then have issues of mould and disintegration occurring.



Take Size into Consideration

Outdoor furniture corner seat

You might love that corner sofa, but will it really fit in your porch? Will a six seater outdoor table and chairs be large enough for your entertaining needs? Not only do you need to make sure that the pieces you choose will fit into your outdoor entertaining area, but they also need to be big enough to suit your lifestyle too.



Comfort and Style

outdoor furniture comfort

Finding the balance between outdoor furniture which not only looks great but is as equally nice to use can be tricky. If you are unable to find a ready-made set which suits your needs and space, consider having custom designed built in furniture made by our building team. Not only will you get exactly what look you are after, but it will fit perfectly too.



Location Location Location

outdoor furniture style

Have you decided where you want your furniture to reside? Is it for a covered porch with minimal direct sunlight and rain, or out on the deck subject to all weathers? Take into consideration the location where your furniture will be positioned, noting such features as potential fabric fade, waterproofness, materials which will rust and those which need to remain dry.



Multipurpose Outdoor Furniture

Out door furniture fire pit table

Ever wished your chair could fly? Well maybe not, but plenty of us have wanted our furniture to be more flexible at times. Consider choosing pieces which are dual purpose, such as a seat which also works as a storage box, or a table with a fire pit in the centre. Not only will they give you ‘two for the price of one,’ but also help you save valuable space when it is at a premium.


One last word - Remember that saying, you only get what you pay for? It rings true with outdoor furniture too!







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