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All successful house renovation, additions and new build outcomes are achieved by first establishing a design that encapsulates both you as an individual or family unit and the functionality of the kitchen, bathroom or other living spaces you are looking to renovate or add.






So where better to start than with a free in-home consultation. Armed with the information gathered from talking to you on the phone we will sit with you to fully understand what you want to achieve with the project, hear your ideas and offer suggestions based on our years of experience with interior design, renovation and extension/addition building projects.

As can be seen from above we turn these initial thoughts/dreams into to a 3D walk though video to enable you to visualise your home after the renovation has been completed.

Any such project is all about you and your family. It is important to focus on your own style, passions and interests. Time and time again we have found that the essential ingredient to the right outcome is to spend time with you and fully understand both the physical and emotional outcomes you are looking for – one that encapsulates you and how you like to live.

Whilst meeting the physical requirements of the space is an obvious requirement it is also critical that we understand how you want to feel when you enter the spaces created – whether that be a communal and welcoming kitchen/dining space or a relaxing bathroom retreat.

No doubt you want to have that feeling for several years so one of the key things we discuss is how household dynamics are going to change over the next 10-15 years, such as young children becoming active teenagers. If the project calls for some specialist design skills we call upon our regular Interior Designers and/or Architectural support teams to ensure we finish with a design that makes your living spaces come alive.

5 ways we can give you a helping hand

If you’re talking to anyone else about your home renovation or extension plans, do yourself a favour. Ask them if they offer everything you see at right – the Pzazz Building 5-Step Renovation Process.

If you’re thinking about a relatively extensive renovation, it would also pay you to ask them if they offer 3D Design or 3D Video Walkthroughs so you can truly experience the completed project and make any adjustments to your plans before your project gets started.

It all starts with our In Home Consultation where you will find out:

  • if your ideas are feasible
  • if you need a permit
  • what the best solutions are