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2nd level bathroom disaster averted

This project came to us as a referral via our contracted plumber. He had just attended an urgent house call where the homeowners, Gary and Kay, had discovered water dripping from the ceiling in their lounge. We reacted immediately and arrived on scene within an hour of the call.

On discussions with the plumber and our own investigation, it was ascertained that the shower had been leaking for quite some time causing damage to their lounge ceiling beneath the bathroom.  Gary and Kay had a real concern of the bathroom falling through to the room below.  We let them know there was no real threat of this happening yet, but they should get the issue sorted as soon as possible.

A quote for stripping out the bathroom and ‘putting things right’ was provided and accepted over a 24hour period with work starting a week later.

On strip-out, it was found water damage to the floor only, the framing was okay.  What a relief!

The floor that had the water damage was replaced and waterproofed for tiling.  It was suggested to Gary and Kay that they may want to tile up the walls to window height.  They thought this was a great idea so extra tiling was done.  The new shower and vanity were installed and to top it off, a new heated towel rail was added to the job.

We then moved downstairs to repair the lounge ceiling and got the paint to match their existing colour.

Thank you Sally and Matt for a great job - everything is right up to expectations.

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