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Boasting a heady mixture of style and substance, the building at 4 Barriball Street in Fitzroy is nearing its final stages.

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In spite of challenging weather, not
least during the early weeks of the
Taranaki summer, this Pzazz Building
project is barely a few weeks behind
schedule and is all set to welcome its
owners by the end of March.
“We’ve lost a few days to rain,” says
Pzazz’s Taranaki owner Isiah Reynolds.
“But the section itself is raised so we’ve
never had the problem of a muddy site.
“The project is going really well.
We’re delighted that all the external
cladding is now completed, which
will be the most noticeable difference
for readers who saw the feature on
this property in the last issue of
Live magazine.”
The two-storey home covers
a whopping 303 square metres
and has four bedrooms – two
downstairs, with the master and
en suite upstairs. Level two also has
a second lounge and an office while
the rear bedroom downstairs opens
out to a swimming pool.

Isiah and the team recently
completed the roofing process with the
application of a six millimetre torch-on
membrane on top of the ply substrate,
which is the house’s main roofing
material. “We moved away from a
more typical 1.4mm butynol roof and
went for the six mm two-layer system,”
says Isiah. “It’s a much higher quality
product for the property’s final layer
of protection.”
“Right now we’re polishing the
concrete floors – there are no
carpets in this house – and our sub
contractors are installing behind the
wall services like electrics, heating,
insulation and data.”
Next on the work plan is lining the
walls, followed by internal painting
and tiling of the toilets, bathroom
and kitchen. Outside, six weeks of
landscaping begins next week covering
more than 500 square metres. That
will take the project up to its March
completion date.

“We’re getting to the sharp end now,”
says Isiah. “Activity is ramping up and
we can all see the finishing line.
“It has been a great project to work
on. Things have pretty much gone
as we planned them – there haven’t
been any real snags that have slowed
our progress.”

Next time you’re in Fitzroy, take
a trip to see this stand-out building
project. One thing that may strike
you, besides the bold precast concrete
panels that make up the external walls,
is the building’s sheer length – it goes
back 26 metres from the footpath.

“As you drive along the road the
house looks a bit narrow,” Isiah
explains. “But when you see how long
it is you just say ‘wow’.

“The majority of the property is made
up of concrete. There are concrete
floors up and down, plus the precast
panels. It’s definitely a unique build.”


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