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Two Bathrooms Hamilton

Judy and Ap have a lovely architecturally designed home with a downstairs and upstairs bathroom and called us to initially discuss a full renovation of both bathrooms starting with the downstairs.

Client brief

In talking with Judy it was clear they wanted both an upgrade and change in layout to make optimum use of the spaces available. After discussing all the options the decision was made to combine the two existing spaces to create a larger single room into which we installed a shower over bath complete with a glass shower screen, a new vanity and mirror cabinet along with relocating the existing toilet. An acrylic liner was used above the bath to ensure water tightness and for easy cleaning and the room was enhanced with a new tiled floor complete with a tiled skirting and painted wall surfaces.

Very happy with the downstairs room we were invited to design and create the new upstairs bathroom.

The existing bathroom consisted out of a toilet, bidet bath and vanity with Judy keen to get rid of the bidet and the bath and install a nice big shower. To do this we blocked of the niche where the bath was positioned to create a better layout for a large shower.
Again we used an acrylic wall liner for the back of the shower for easy cleaning and incorporated a soap niche in the shower wall. A new vanity with a cabinet mirror was added and again we were able to re-use the existing toilet.  To complete the design a new tiled floor was laid and tiles also taken 1 meter up the wall and finished with a gorgeous trim tile. Wall spaces above the tile trim line were completed with a new coat of paint, as was the ceiling.

Judy tells me they are loving their new bathrooms and were pleasantly surprised as to how well the project went and were especially appreciative of being able to leave the whole project in our hands.


Mike's company Pzazz has just completed the renovation of two bathrooms. 

When I first contacted Mike he was extremely prompt with arranging an appointment to view and providing a full and detailed proposal for each bathroom.  Being a woman I changed my mind a few times before we settled on the final layout and he handled these changes professionally and quickly!

Mike was very easy to deal with and to get hold of throughout the renovation and any issue that arose was quickly dealt with.  I am very satisfied with the completed work and although it has taken a little longer than anticipated, mainly due to public holidays, I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his team should you be considering a renovation.  

Kind regards, Judy