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Dash of style for Pzazz master builder

Cookie cutter’ houses don’t cut the mustard for Isiah Reynolds. This master builder favours a dash of style and originality in his work, which is just as well given he’s the New Plymouth owner of Pzazz Building, a nationwide company that aims to ‘make living spaces come alive!

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“I love working on architectural builds,”
Isiah says. “They require imagination
and forward thinking
at every single step.”
The father-of-five is in his element
right now as he and the team get
creative with an ‘out of the ordinary’
build on Barriball Street, Fitzroy. A
brainchild of New Plymouth’s Imagine
Building Design, it’s a two-storey
home with plenty of standout appeal.
“The second storey has a cast insitu
concrete floor that has elements of
cantilever,” says Isiah. “It’s exactly the
kind of project we love to get involved
in. There’s no manual for this kind of
job so we draw on the experience of
the team and we rise to the challenge.”
Architectural builds like this are
what gets Isiah out of bed in the
morning (although his kids probably
help with that!). “I love these
builds because they’re much
less conventional,” he says.
“It’s about concurrent activity and
making use of every minute and hour
you have available.
“There’s lots of stuff happening at
the same time so you need to be right
on top of your game. At Barriball Street
for example, part of the roof is being
laid at the moment but we’re also
doing roof framing for another part
of the house.”
Although currently busy on the new
build at Barriball Street, the team at
New Plymouth’s Pzazz spend most
of their time on renovations.
“We cover everything, from small
jobs like bathrooms right through
to large extensions and additions
going upwards as well as outwards,”
says Isiah.

And whatever the size of the
job, it’s always approached with
professionalism and consideration
for the customer.
“Right from the initial in-home
consultation we like to build up a
really good rapport with our clients.
“At the consultation we learn about
their values, what’s important to
them and what they’re hoping to
achieve. Our customers put a great
deal of trust in us and it’s important
that everyone on the team treats that
with respect. Their homes are their
castles and we are temporary guests.
We try to minimise the disruption
and always consider how the work
we’re doing, and our presence, is
going to affect the home dynamic.”
A flick through the written and
video testimonials on the Pzazz
website shows the New Plymouth
team has a string of happy customers
and Isiah says their record is largely
due to their collective experience.
“We’ve got three great builders in
Malcolm Masters, Phillip Miller and
Aaron Knauf plus an apprentice
Sam Town and our administrator
Sara Eden,” he says. “Mal is very
experienced and has picked up a few
awards in his time. The others come
with good experience too and together
we have a great work ethic.”
Isiah himself brings a heap of know
how to the Pzazz team, who are based
at Oropuriri Road, Waiwhakaiho. After
qualifying as a carpenter, he continued
his professional development by
completing his national certificates
in advanced carpentry, construction
leading hand, construction supervision

and business first-line management.
He also spent eight years as a soldier
and was among the New Zealand
Army’s first rotation to East Timor
in 1999. Just a couple of months
before the East Timor trip Isiah had
a double stroke of luck, winning
a horse racing bet that led to him
meeting his wife Coral.
“I was out for the evening with
friends and got lucky with a $35 win,”
he recalls. “If my horse had lost
I would have just gone home for
the evening.”
But Isiah was glad he stayed out
when he caught the eye of Coral, who
herself was on a blind date. “Her date
wasn’t going great and she fancied me
instead,” says Isiah. “And the rest as
they say is history.”
A former Spotswood College student,
Isiah returned to Taranaki three years
ago, taking up the reins at Pzazz
following a spell in the South Island
managing commercial construction
projects. He and Coral now have three
boys, William, 12, Jeremiah, 4, and Gus,
3, and two girls, Jordan, 11 and Eve, 7.
A sixth child is due in the autumn.
With a house full of kids and a
thriving business, and a lifelong
commitment to the Christian faith,
life is all go for Isiah Reynolds.
And he is loving it.
If you’re considering a renovation,
extension or new build – and you’d
like a sprinkling of pzazz on top –
then give him a call.
All Pzazz Building New Plymouth
work comes with a five-year peace of
mind guarantee and the option of a
10-year Master Builders guarantee.
making living spaces come alive

Let the transformation begin on Barribell