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New Kitchen for an old villa

What do you do when you have rotten flooring due to water leaks in your kitchen. Strip it back and start again, that's what! Heritage homes have beautiful wooden floors, once you strip off the old tiles and it is a great chance to toss out the old for new. De-cluttering makes the room appear bigger as Jessica discovered...

Jessica and Barry’s kitchen was tired, dated and needed refreshing so they contacted our Hutt Valley franchisee, Janeen Paynter.  They had talked about updating the kitchen for over 15 years as some of the space wasn’t being utilised effectively.  As well as that, the ceiling had been subject to a water leak and was badly damaged.  There were large holes in the floor under the dishwasher and sink and a rotten bearer in the corner of the kitchen.  The floors which were previously tiled also needed leveling.

Jessica called us after a recommendation from a happy work colleague who had just had a bathroom renovation completed. She knew the look she wanted but didn’t have an endless budget.  That's where we stepped in.  She was looking for detailed cupboard fronts, draws and granite tops with great functionality and for nothing to be visible on the benches or inside the cupboards.  They also wanted full height cupboards to maximise storage space.

New cabinetry and bench tops were manufactured.  Repairs were made to the floors, the rotten bearer was replaced along with the existing framing in the internal walls.  The walls and ceiling were then lined with new gib board and the floors were leveled in preparation for new flooring.   

The end result is a lovely kitchen with nice clean lines that is clutter free.