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Rimu kitchen to accommodate double ovens

Maree came to us pleading for someone to help her build the kitchen she had always dreamed of. She had approached two separate kitchen companies but they had failed to meet her expectations after the briefing.

Pzazz to the rescue!  We organised with Maree, her in-home consultation.

On the initial scope her home was found to have lovely Rimu furniture and after throwing a few ideas around it was decided to incorporate Rimu into the kitchen design as well.  Maree’s vision for her dream kitchen included double ovens, side by side.  Rudy from Pzazz kapiti is not one to burst dreams and obliged without hesitation – he located the ovens beneath the windows so she could look out over her  backyard.  The hobs were placed over the ovens and then installed a Down draft system to vent the hob.

To complete the wish list, Maree had an idea of having recessed cooking utensil holders.  These were custom made from stainless steel.  You can view them on both side of the Downdraft on either side of the hobs in the slideshow below.

Even though it was not part of the kitchen, Maree had a further request.  Could we modernise the fireplace and surrounds to suit the character of the home.  Of course we can!  

While we were busy designing and building her dream kitchen, Maree was overseas and came back to her exciting new kitchen.