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Wet tiled bathrooms in Hamilton, New Zealand

“HELP ME” was what we first heard from Cathy. She had called us to discuss loose tiles in her main bathroom and the upstairs ensuite. The tiles were coming lose along the floor on the outside of the showers. She hadn’t used the ensuite shower in months due to a fear of water leaking through the ceiling below - thank goodness there was another shower downstairs. Cathy decided enough was enough – it was time for action!

We visited Cathy to have a look at the problem and after further inspection; it looked like the tiles were coming lose from the timber floor due to water leakage.  As it was happening in both the main bathroom and the ensuite at the same spot, being the entrance to the tiled shower, we suspected that the waterproofing membrane under the tiles had not been installed properly.  

This created another issue - we could only be sure of this assumption by removing the floor tiles.  This meant that the wall tiles had to be removed to ensure a good water proof membrane was in place.  Cathy decided that this was an opportunity to modernize both the bathrooms.  

She decided to keep the terracotta look floor tiles as they were used in other parts of the house but decided on a larger tile along with using white wall tiles. We also tiled the toilet floor.

All the tapware, vanities, toilets etc were removed and then it was the tiles turn.  Once we could take a closer look it was discovered that the floor was only waterproofed in the shower areas and the original installer did not water proof the whole floor as required. We also found that the shower wastes used were not suitable for tiles showers.  

It was time for our specialists to come in!

The floors and walls were waterproofed. Our tiler  then laid the floor and wall tiles and our painter gave the rest of the walls and ceiling a fresh lick of paint. The client was presented with a Certificate for the water proofing, providing Peace of Mind – stating that the work complies with the New Zealand Standard 4858.

After we re-installed the existing vanities etc and the plumber fitted off the tapware, all areas were ready for use again. We made sure the toilet on the second floor was able to be used at all times during this process.

Cathy is now able to have a shower in peace, within the calming environment of her own ensuite.  A happy outcome to a potentially hazardous situation!