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What We Do

At Pzazz Building we have a passion for carrying out home renovations and additions that solve peoples problems and enhance the enjoyment of their living spaces. Whether that be invigorating you in the morning with a refreshing shower in a beautifully designed bathroom, or a cooking/dining environment that brings your family or friends together on a warm summers evening. We design living spaces that allow people to live their lives, their way.

Pzazz - What we do - AdditionsHome Renovations:

When you are happy with where you live and the footprint of your house but want to energise the home, then renovating with Pzazz Building is the answer. Whether this is an individual room like a bathroom renovation, or a whole house transformation, the starting point is the same. We ensure sufficient time for good discussion to ascertain what you want to achieve through the renovation.

We will look to assist in this by offering suggestions for your consideration, understanding what the key outcomes you are looking for are and then providing a detailed fixed price quotation including a programme of how the work will be carried out. From here, with the use of our builders and dedicated sub contractors, we will manage the job to completion.



Pzazz - What we do  - AdditionsHouse Extensions:

You are happy with where you live but feel the house is just not big enough for your needs.

As with renovations, we start with sufficient time for a thorough discussion where we seek to fully understand what you want to achieve with the project and explore all the options of up, down and out in reaching these goals.

From here, concept plans can be cost effectively developed and once a concept is finalised, a fixed price quotation including a programme will be supplied, complete with an allowance for all necessary drawings and council consents. With the use of our builders and dedicated sub contractors we will manage the job to completion.




Pzazz - What we do - new homeNew Home Builds:

We believe a new home project should not start with pre-ordained plans based on what is best for the builder/merchant. Whilst we can provide such plans through our associated Nesta brand our preference at Pzazz Building is to start with a blank sheet of paper and first discuss what are your medium to long term life plans and how does this new home need to function and look to accommodate these life plans. For example:

  • Are you in the early stages of a family life where you want your children close or further down the track where you want 'their' and 'our' spaces?
  • Are you entertainers where a vibrant kitchen/dining/el fresco environment is important?
  • Do you frequently have people to come and stay where providing a 'guest wing' type environment is important?
  • Do you have great views that you want to maximise?

Once we fully understand the requirements of the home to meet your life plans we can develop concept plans and work with you from these to finalise the design. Once the design is finalised we can put together a detailed fixed price quotation covering all aspects of construction and associated ground works. And from there we will project manage the job through to completion including all the necessary documentation and sign off's leaving you to get on with your life plans.


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