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Attic and Loft Conversions

Is space an issue? Why not consider an Attic or loft conversion? Quite often a simple solution to space constraints is just above us - a substantial roof cavity doing nothing other than storing never to be seen again trinkets from yester year. For some this renovation comes with a whole new aspect on life - that is some great new views. So whether you are wanting a new master bedroom complete with ensuite, walk in robe and a deck or a modest quiet nook then exploring an attic conversion is a great place to start.

We promise to create GREAT spaces and connect your new loft/attic renovation to your living spaces

Request your free consultation because you deserve the best attic renovation that good loft design can deliver!


Across New Zealand from Auckland, to Wellington, to Christchurch, we have carried out 100's of attic renovations where people needed more space, or wanted to take advantage of views. 

Not only do we work closely with you to create a great ceiling loft design, we provide all the resources required from complete working drawings, to obtaining any necessary building consents. Then our team of qualified builders is complemented by our full project management service where our fixed price written quotation covers all the trades required to complete the attic renovation.

Pzazz attic and loft conversionsLike any successful attic or loft renovation project the 80/20 rule applies - that is 80% planning and 20% doing. So the place to start is a design that meets the needs of your family, both today and for the duration of your stay.

There are a few alternatives when considering doing an attic conversion such as:

 - The use of dormer windows to create space
 - Re-pitching the roof to extend the usable space
 - Lifting the whole roof to add another storey
 - The use of decks to create usable space
 - Any mixture of the above

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Our team of talented designers, project managers and qualified builders backed up by world class systems ensure that you benefit by having the conversion completed in the minimum of time to the maximum standard.

Some examples of things you might want to consider when contemplating an attic conversion are:

  • Whole of life / future proofing the design
  • How to get the best views
  • Connection to the existing living spaces
  • Work required to take any additional weight
  • Conditioning the space

We are very experienced attic renovation experts covering everything from design to completion all covered by a written Peace Of Mind Guarantee to ensure that you get the new living spaces that excite and inspire you.

Whether your home is in a turn of the century bungalow or a modern day home, we have the expert project managers and qualified tradespeople to ensure that your loft conversion provides all that you need it to be.


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