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Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathrooms are no longer hidden and out of sight - often they have become one of the focal points of a home. Gone are small high windows and in are large windows offering a view – often floor to ceiling. Themes from Japanese bath houses to indoor outdoor spaces are no longer the extreme they once were. For modern bathroom designs from Auckland to Christchurch, contact the Pzazz Building team today.

What makes a modern bathroom

Whilst it is impossible to state catagorically some common features are:

  • They are large
  • They may have furniture not normally associated with a bathroom
  • They tend to have two person tiled showers with glass frames to keep the room feeling open and spacious
  • They tend to have “straight lines”
  • They have clever mood lighting

Wall hung fixtures such as vanities and storage units are the majority choice leaving a clean floor line which is both easier to clean and again gives the impression of a larger space.

In the gallery above we have selected some examples of modern bathrooms and more can be found on the Galleries pages on this website – everything from simple through to adventuress designs.

Our expert bathroom designers are waiting to design your new modern bathroom. With the increasing property values in Auckland and other major cities, there is no better time to maximise your property investment than today!

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To talk to one of our team about your ideas for your classical bathroom simply complete the enquiry form on the right and we will be in touch within one working day.

An integral component of good bathroom design is the selection of bathroomware and surface finishes. More than ever before we have access to more products to achieve “the look” you desire.  Baths are built in or free standing, shower designs are limited solely by your imagination (and budget). Cabinets are floor mounted, wall mounted or floating, basins are inset or top mounting and of course toilets come in all different shapes and sizes.

And when it comes to surface finishes ... (read more)

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