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Bathroom wall finishes include plaster and paint, tiles, waterproof panels, wall paper and even vinyl. And of course in most bathrooms it is a mixture of two or three finishes that make up today's bathrooms.

Wall finishes

Plaster and paint surfaces have the advantage of cost and simplicity to update. It is critical that specialist paints are used that are manufactured to overcome the challenges of wet rooms. In area’s that are in direct contact with water a specialist hard surface imperious to water is critical. As with flooring if tiles are your surface of choice in these circumstances then a waterproof membrane is required as whilst the tiles themselves are watertight the tiling grout is not.

Historically wall panel systems came complete with unsightly plastic joiners but in todays bathrooms these have largely been replaced with anodised aluminium joiners or by way of negative detailing with waterproofing behind the joins. Also todays waterproof wall panels come in many different looks from tile look-alike to designer finishes.

If it is simplicity, hardwearing and the ultimate in watertightness then seam welded vinyl wall finshes are the option again with todays modern designs giving this option a far better reputation than the old hospital look alike description normally associated with this choice.

Above is a gallery of just a small selection of different wall finishing solutions in different bathroom layouts to get your thinking underway. We can explore the options further during your in home consultation – just complete the form to the right and your sparkling new bathroom is underway.

An integral component of good bathroom design is the selection of bathroomware and surface finishes. More than ever before we have access to more products to achieve “the look” you desire.  Baths are built in or free standing, shower designs are limited solely by your imagination (and budget). Cabinets are floor mounted, wall mounted or floating, basins are inset or top mounting and of course toilets come in all different shapes and sizes.

And when it comes to surface finishes ... (read more)

We make renovating as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

If you’ve been watching The Block or any of the many other home improvement shows on TV, you may think that renovating is easy, that anyone can do it.

They can’t. These days, the project may have to be consented and completed by Licensed Building Practitioners. Any poor design or workmanship can affect the durability as well as the value of your home. And any faults or leaks could end up costing you much more than the original project.

We’re dedicated to transforming your home with no fuss, no risk and no surprises. Our straightforward 5-step process starts with an In-home Consultation where we’ll listen to your ideas and offer helpful advice and suggestions. Our designer will turn your dreams into a visual reality - our exclusive new 3D Modelling will even let you ‘walk’ through your completed project before it begins. We’ll manage every aspect of the project to avoid any disruption to your lifestyle and save you money, and we’ll give you a written Fixed Price Contract and our unique Peace of Mind Guarantee for your, well, complete peace of mind. What could be easier?




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