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House Extensions and Additions

When it comes to house extensions - what’s your preference? Out, Up or Under or a combination. We can help you add that extra story to your home, or build that extra bedroom as your family expands. We offer a custom house extension design service and provide qualified home extension specialists to complete the work – view the options and then complete the enquiry form to extend your living space and make your living spaces come alive.

Is space an issue? Do you want another living room?

Are you considering extending your house to add a new master bedroom with en suite and walk in wardrobe?  

Across New Zealand we have carried out 100's of home extensions or additions where people needed more space or wanted to take advantage of views. Not only do we work closely with you to create a great home design, we will provide all of the resources required to complete working drawings, obtain any necessary building consents and then complete the project with our team of qualified tradespeople covering all the work required.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design the perfect home extension solution specifically to suit your house and lifestyle. For more information contact the Pzazz Building team today!


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Spreading out

Typically the most cost effective option when looking for more space the key requirement is whether your section is large enough to accommodate the home extension you wish to add whilst meeting local body coverage ratio’s and maintaining an outdoor space that meets your needs.

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What we do - main pageGoing up

The two reasons people usually consider going up is either because your section size does not allow spreading out as an option and/or that by going up you get to take advantage of some great views.

By adding a second floor to your house renovation, you can double the size of your home without impacting on the available land area.

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What we do - main pageBuilding under

Adding to your living space by going below your current living levels may entail anything from utilising unused space as a result of a sloping section through to jacking up the existing property and building a full new level underneath. Contact the Pzazz Building team today to discuss how we can help with your next home extension. 

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We make renovating as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

If you’ve been watching The Block or any of the many other home improvement shows on TV, you may think that renovating is easy, that anyone can do it.

They can’t. These days, the project may have to be consented and completed by Licensed Building Practitioners. Any poor design or workmanship can affect the durability as well as the value of your home. And any faults or leaks could end up costing you much more than the original project.

We’re dedicated to transforming your home with no fuss, no risk and no surprises. Our straightforward 5-step process starts with an In-home Consultation where we’ll listen to your ideas and offer helpful advice and suggestions. Our designer will turn your dreams into a visual reality - our exclusive new 3D Modelling will even let you ‘walk’ through your completed project before it begins. We’ll manage every aspect of the project to avoid any disruption to your lifestyle and save you money, and we’ll give you a written Fixed Price Contract and our unique Peace of Mind Guarantee for your, well, complete peace of mind. What could be easier?




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