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The two reasons people usually consider going up is either because your section size does not allow spreading out as an option and/or that by going up you get to take advantage of some great views.

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Going up

Going up can incorporate building into the existing roof space (see also Attic/Loft conversions elsewhere on our website) or adding on a whole new storey. Typically going up will cost more per square metre due to any need to strengthen the existing first floor to carry any new load, the costs associated with new roofing and the slower building rate associated with clambering up and down stairs.

Below is some simple guides to going up:

  • Typically dearer than spreading out a going up budget  will be in the area of $2,500 to $3,000 /m2.
  • The final cost will be heavily influenced by what the new spaces are to include – e.g. bathroom or kitchen versus a bedroom or lounge.
  • When planning a second storey it is important to give good consideration to the overall house layout to minimise the trips up and down the stairs each day – although this could become part of your daily fitness regime!
  • Going up is work best carried out in the drier months of the year.
  • Give consideration to whole of life occupancy – bouncing up and down those stairs may be fine today but how will it be if you continue to reside at the house in your later years.
  • Concept sketches are a cost effective way to consider both the look of the planned addition and enable a price estimate  before moving to the expense of full working drawings only to find the design exceeds your budget.

To talk to one of our team about your dreams for your extension simply complete the enquiry form on the right and we will be in touch within one working day.

5 ways we can give you a helping hand

If you’re talking to anyone else about your home renovation or extension plans, do yourself a favour. Ask them if they offer everything you see at right – the Pzazz Building 5-Step Renovation Process.

If you’re thinking about a relatively extensive renovation, it would also pay you to ask them if they offer 3D Design or 3D Video Walkthroughs so you can truly experience the completed project and make any adjustments to your plans before your project gets started.

It all starts with our In Home Consultation where you will find out:

  • if your ideas are feasible
  • if you need a permit
  • what the best solutions are




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