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Bathroom trends you'll love in 2018   Published March 2018



We would never advocate that you blindly follow trends from year to year and adapt or change your style to what seems “in”. But we do love showcasing what’s new and fresh in the world of design – we’re not called Pzazz Building for nothing!

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How to turn your home into a work of art   Published March 2018



By art we don’t necessarily mean paintings on the wall. There are all sorts of ways to add creative flair to your home. Here are some of them.

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You'll never guess what's behind these doors Published March 2018



Homes aren't always as they seem from the outside. We challenge you to guess what's inside these homes, then open the front door...


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5 things to consider when renovating an old house   Published February 2018

Feb2018 Renovating an old house



My neighbour inherited a 1920s trans villa from her mother, and asked me whether it was worth restoring or whether should she bowl it and build new. My answer after checking out the old place was an emphatic “restore it, but take heed of these tips.” Here’s what I advised her.

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Gorgeous home renovations in 50 shades of grey   Published February 2018

Feb18 Home renovations in 50 shades of grey



Grey is still the new black in home renovations, mainly because it comes in so many shades and goes with almost anything and in almost everywhere. In honour of the new movie (although we admit we still haven’t seen the first two), here are some of the best of the best rooms in grey.

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The coolest home décor we saw in 2017  Published February 2018

Feb18 Coolest home decor of 2017



Being aficionados of as well as experts in home renovation, we take more than a passing interest in the latest and greatest trends. And here are some of our favourite new concepts – and they’re now available through Pzazz Building.

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