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How 3D Design can save you big money on your renovation Published November 2017

Nov17 3D design articles websiteWhat if we told you we’ve found a way to solve a problem that has plagued the renovators and new home builders forever – how do you know what you’re getting if you can’t touch or kick it before it’s built?

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Why most advice about the best way to add value to your home is wrong   Published November 2017

Nov17 wrong advice articles website


You’ve no doubt heard a million times that the best way to add value to your home is to throw in a new kitchen or bathroom.

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5 cool ideas we’ve seen lately that we know you’ll love   Published November 2017

Nov17 cool ideas articles websiteWe’re called Pzazz and it’s important to us that we live up to that name by scouring the world for the best inspirations, ideas and innovations in interior (and exterior) design. Here are five we’ve come across lately.

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Amazing things you can do with your outdoor living spaces Published October 2017

Amazing outdoors articles website.jpgWe bet you’ll never guess -

1) why you can see a table and chairs through the glass panel in this patio and

2) which famous person formerly owned this property.

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Mindblowing things you can do with tiles and ceramics   Published October 2017

Tile articles website.jpg

Tiles used to be things you saw only in bathrooms and train stations, but now – thanks to innovative new technology and stunning new designs – they have uses throughout the home.

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New ideas on what to do with your laundry   Published October 2017

Laundry articles website.jpg

Once upon a time, doing the laundry used to be such a time-consuming chore that it warranted its own room.

Technology now enables tiles and ceramics to be made much lighter in weight than before, yet stronger and able to be textured and styled any way you like.

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